our top 5 tips to stay safe

Drinking plenty of water

Taking a cool shower or bath

Visiting an air-conditioned space such as a library or cinema

Checking on others who may be vulnerable to heat, including pets

Staying out of the sun at peak times of the day (between 11-5pm)

our 5 top tips for staying cool at home

Insulate your home, especially the roof

Install block out curtains and blinds

and use external awnings on west facing windows

Plant trees for shade

and replace hard surfaces with lawn or gardens

Use light coloured building materials to reflect heat

Turn on fans for cooling first

and set air conditioners to 24-25˚C in summer - every extra degree of cooling uses around 10% more energy

Cool tip of the week

Do you know the signs of heat stress?

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Pet tips for summer

Pets suffer in heatwaves too! Keep your pets safe with these handy tips.

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Plan for a heatwave emergency

A handy checklist to make sure you're ready for the heat this summer!

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How to keep hens safe in a heatwave:

keep your feathered friends safe when the mercury rises!

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Beat the heat

Beat the heat with these tips from NSW health

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Our Favourite Resources

NSW Health has a variety of resources to educate the community

about the impacts of heat and advice on how to prepare and stay healthy during heat waves.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)

provides forecasts, warnings, monitoring and advice on weather and climate.

202020 Vision

aims to make urban spaces 20% greener by 2020 and will assist with keeping our cities cool.

Council's Environment Sustainability Strategy

identifies urban heat as a key threat to Parramatta’s resilience. Addressing urban heat will help to ensure the long term liveability of our City as it grows.